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Throughout the country there is a lot of variety. In the mountain areas rice is the base staple, while down on the coast it is potatoes. Soups are unique and a popular meal at lunch and dinner. Breakfasts are mre likely to be eggs, toast, and fruit juice as opposed to cereals..

Meals at restaurants range from $2 for local food to comparable prices found in the U.S, especially from international food chains. More expensive restaurants often add a a 10% service fee and a 12% sales tax. Tea and coffee is usually served after a meal. Smoking is allowed in most restaurants.



Aguardiente is an alcoholic drink made from sugar cane.

Bottled mineral water is very common and is safe to drink. Comes in carbonated and non-carbonated.

Coffee is popular due to coffee growing areas like Colombia being close by.

Teas including herbal teas are popular.

Soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others are widely available.

Fruit juice is widely available and there are many types due to Ecuadors location in the tropics and and encompassing part of the Amazon Basin. Popular fruit juices include: piña (pineapple), naranja (orange), mora (blackberry), maracuya (passion fruit), sandia (watermelon), guanabana, guava, naranjilla, melon, taxo, etc. They can also be made with milk if you ask for a batido or name the fruit followed by con leitche.


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