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Entrance by plane

Main gateways in Ecuador include the airports at Quito and Guayaquil. Both airports have duty-free shopping and good amenities. Departure tax is not included in the cost of the flight. The Galapagos Islands has an airport on the only island that is not part of the national park. Entry to Galapagos is only available from the mainland of Ecuador.

Entrance by car

Driving into Ecuador is not recommended due to border hostilities with neighbouring countries.

Entrance by bus

You can enter Ecuador by bus from neighbouring Colombia or Peru. In both places you need to transfer to a new bus once you enter Ecuador. You need to take care at both borders as there regular reports of theft, fraud, and other crimes. Border hostilities with these neighbouring countries also pose a risk for travellers.

Entrance by boat

Ecuador has a coastline and some large rivers, so a boat ride is a viable way to travel around. Rivers also penetrate deep into jungle areas where other modes of transport are not available.


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