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Colombian Kids photo Before the colonization of Colombia, the region that makes up the country today was home of more than fifty different ethnic groups. Most of these groups spoke languages of the Chibchan and Cariban. The Colombian government has established 567 reserves for indigenous peoples. Some of the larger indigenous groups are the Arhuacos, the Muisca, the Kuna people, the Witoto, the Páez, the Tucano, the Wayuu, and the Guahibo.

Colombian Rural worker photoBecause of its strategic location Colombia has received several immigration waves during its history. Most of these immigrants have settled in the Caribbean Coast; Barranquilla (the largest city in the Colombian Caribbean Coast) has the largest population of Arab Lebanese, Jewish, Italian, German, American, Chinese, French, Portugesse and Gypsy descendants. There are also communities of German and Chinese descendants on the Caribbean Coast.

More than two-thirds of all Colombians live in urban areas, a figure significantly higher than the world average. The literacy rate (94 percent) in Colombia is also well above the world average, and the rate of population growth is slightly higher than the world average.

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