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Coconut Tree photo
Caribbean Palms photo
Cundinamarca Palms photo
Providencia Palms photo
Caribbean Palms photo
Palm Tree photo
Amazon Palms photo
Johnny Cay Palms photo
San Andres Palms photo
Providencia photo
Providencia Palms photo
Providencia Palms photo


Providencia Palms photoThe vast majority of palms live in the tropics. Palms are present in almost every type of habitat in the tropics. Diversity is highest in wet, lowland tropical forests. It is estimated that Colombia may have the highest number of palm species in one country.

The national tree of Colombia is the palm Ceroxylon quindiuense which was named after the Colombian Department of Quindio where is located the Cocora valley, only habitat of this restricted range specie. The Wax palm was selected as the national tree by the government of Belisario Betancur and was the first tree officially declared as protected species in Colombia. C. quindiuense is the only palm that grows at high altitudes and is the tallest monocot in the world.

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