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The culture of Colombia lies at the crossroads of Latin America characterized for having one of the most multicultural societies; a complex mix of European, African, Native American, and to a lesser extend Middle Eastern traditions. Later influences by American culture and other Latin American cultures such as the Mexican, Argentine, and Caribbean cultures have also had a major contribution.

Inherited from the Spanish colonization, Colombia in general maintains a large base of Roman Catholic traditions which largely influences its culture and multicultural society despite the presence of other beliefs. The mixture and variety of the different ethnic traditions has developed unique hybrids of musical and dancing expressions such as Cumbia and Vallenato.

Colombia also has many festivals and carnivals through out the year, most of these celebrate religious traditions. Some important carnivals include: Barranquilla's 'Carnival of Blacks and Whites', 'Independence day' every July 20th, 'Holy Week', and 'Christmas'.

The Cuisine of Colombia is a mixture of Spanish, Italian, and French cuisine. American cuisine and Latin American cuisines such as the Mexican and the Caribbean have a strong influence. Local indigenous cuisine is also popular.

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