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Guatavita Casa Municipal  photo
Guatavita Catholic Church photo
Guatavita Muiscas Sculpture photo
Guatavita Calle photo
Guatavita Rooftops photo
Guatavita Houses photo
Guatavita Stadium photo
Guatavita Square  photo
Guatavita Houses photo
Guatavita Walkway photo
Guatavita Handicrafts photo
Lake Tomine photos


Guatavita is a municipality and town of Colombia in the department of Cundinamarca. Guatavita is a great place to have lunch and buy handicrafts. The town contains many old colonial buildings and other interesting architecture. It is also located next to Lake Tomine so there are water activities nearby.

Guatavita Lake (laguna de la Guatavita) which is also close by is a circular lake in what appears to be a meteor crater. However, the origins of the crater are unclear. Lake Guatavita was one of the sacred lakes of the Muiscas, where they celebrated a ceremony in which the chief (The Zipa) was covered in gold before bathing in its waters. This is one of the origins of the legend of El Dorado. Guatavita today bears a curious notch in its cliffside, evidence of an attempt to drain the lake by the conquistadores in 1580.

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