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Historic Street photo
Plaza de Boliva photo


La Candelaria is a historic suburb in downtown Bogotá, Colombia. It is the equivalent to the Old City in other cities. The architecture comprises of old houses, churches and buildings with Spanish Colonial and Baroque styles. It houses several universities, libraries, and museums.

The famous Gold Museum and Luis Angel Arango Library is situated here. It is also the location for Monserrate, a hill which is a pilgrim destination, as well as a tourist attraction. In addition to a historic church building, there is a restaurant and shops seling arts and crafts. Monserrate can be accessed by aerial tramway, a funicular, or by walking. Monserrate hill affords spectacular views of nearly every point in Bogota.

Plaza de Bolívar is perhaps the most important attraction. It is surrounded by stately structures. This square marks the spot where Bogotá was declared the seat of New Granada's colonial government.

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