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Canada is generally a good place to work. With unemployment rates hovering at historic lows, there is no shortage of jobs in Canada. The minimum wage varies by province, from $7/hour in New Brunswick and $8/hour Alberta to $8.75/hour in Ontario (with Ontario planning to raise their minimum to $10.25 as of 2010). As with most of the developed world, the economy is shifting from one dominated by manufacturing to one dominated by services. Thus, factory and manufacturing work is becoming scarcer every year and are highly sought, with most factories requiring a high school education. Minimum wage jobs are becoming more common every year, though there is still a fair amount of good construction jobs to be had.

There is currently a massive labour shortage in Alberta and the interior of British Columbia, mostly fueled by oilfield activity throughout the province. As a result, most businesses are hiring on a constant basis - but note that with the labour shortage comes a housing shortage, so expect high rent costs to be coupled with high salaries. You'll find many people from economically depressed areas of the country working in Alberta.

Hiring practices are similar to those in the US.


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