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Virtual Canada Photo Library
License our photos for commercial use. Learn more.

Welcome to the Virtual Canada Photo Stock Library.

Our images are available as High Res tiff files. You can print these images up to A1 at 200 dpi or A4 at 600 dpi. These files are approximately 100 Mb, 600 dpi, and 5232 x 7800 pixels in size.

All photos are available for licensing and are owned by Virtualtopia our parent company. We are not an agency for other photographers, so we can license our images at a price that is suitable to you. All licenses for our photographs are between you and Virtualtopia only, there are no additional complications in dealing with photographers and any restrictions that photographers can place on their work.

Our unique photos have been used by companies, organisations and individuals all over the world for use in calendars, brochures, magazines, books, posters, business cards, packaging, clothing, web sites, CDs and corporate presentations... Some of our clients include multinational companies, international news broadcasters, encyclopaedia and educational institutions, advertisers, tourism organisations, government departments, and small companies and individuals. Our list of clients come from many different countries and international customers find the price even better, due to the favourable exchange rate.

If you are interested in licensing our images for use in your organisation, company or project, then all you need to do is choose a license or read on to learn more about this service.

Another feature that we maintain in our Photo Library is our competitive pricing. You will find that our price is considerably lower than other Photo Libraries because our service is marketed and operated exclusively through the Internet. In addition, because all the images are owned by us, this eliminates royalty payments to photographers, so lower overheads and no royalty payments from us means savings for you. This gives us a huge competitive advantage in this industry.

So take advantage of our service today. We are offering you the following:

All questions can be directed via E-M-A-I-L.



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