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The Canadian coastline is 202,080 km in length (125,570 mi), making it the longest of any country in the world. This long length is due to Canada's very convoluted coastline of the mainland and also the coasts of 52,455 offshore islands. Hudson Bay is the world's longest shoreline of any bay in the world. Shoreline length differs to coastline length in it is the perimeter of the land along the water's edge is measured to the closest exactness possible while coastline follows the general line of the coast, but sometimes, in the case of small inlets or bays, the coastline is measured as running directly across the bay or inlet to rejoin the coastline on the opposite side. Coastline is not measured as precisely as the shoreline.

Canada's coasts provide important habitats to hundreds of species of birds and wildlife. Some of the world's largest natural wetlands, such as the MacKenzie Delta and Hudson Bay, are found in Canada's coastal regions.

The best beaches in Canada include: Kluane Lake, Y.T., Bennett Beach, Y.T., Kinosoo Beach, Alta., Manitou Beach, Sask., Grand Beach, Man., Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve, Man., Wasaga Beach, Ont., Bruce Peninsula, Ont., Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ont., Point Pelee, Ont., Demoiselle Beach, N.B., Parlee Beach, N.B., Plage de la Dune-du-Nord, Que., Black Brook Beach, N.S., Ingonish Beach, N.S., Cavendish Beach, P.E.I., The Arches Provincial Park, N.L., Pinware River Provincial Park, N.L., Long Beach, B.C., Chesterman Beach, B.C., Florencia Bay, B.C., MacKenzie Beach, B.C., Combers Beach, B.C., South Beach, B.C., Cape Enrage, B.C.

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