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Virtual Americas Photo Library
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About Virtual Americas
Virtual Americas comprises of web sites (virtual guides) that represent countries in the Americas region. Web sites so far include: Virtual Canada, Virtual Colombia, Virtual Ecuador, and Virtual USA with more sites to follow. All these web sites are owned by Virtualtopia. Virtualtopia is owned and administered by David Johnson.

Our photos
The images in Virtual Americas and respective country web sites are owned by Virtualtopia. We do not host images from third parties/other photographers. Our images were taken using a Nikon SLR using Fuji Velvia professional slide film or a Canon EOS 450D digital. The original files are in TIF format and are 600 dpi. The resulting digital files sizes range from 4000 x 2800 to 7000 x 5000 pixels, and up to 100 megs in size. All our images can be licensed for commercial use. To find out more, look for the license link in the photo sections of each country.

David Johnson photo All images were taken by David Johnson (pictured).

Virtual Americas (not including Virtual Oceania) receives around 1,500 page view each day with most traffic coming from the USA followed by local traffic for each country web site. Generally speaking, traffic peaks in the northern hemisphere's summer which is usually about one-third more than winter traffic. Traffic also peaks during the week and falls slightly in the weekend. Apart from these fluctuations, our traffic is increasing. View the following PDF document for a brief on the latest months stats.

Revenue is primarily gained through advertising and secondly from licensing our images. We are always looking for new and complimentary services to add in order to gain more visitors and hence more revenue.

Hosting platform
The Virtual Americas group of websites are hosted using Open Source solutions including: Apache web server running on the popular and stable Linux operating system. The site uses Server Side Includes (SSI), HTML5, and JavaScript.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:



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